Valentin Moulias -Collection

Collection of short films directed by the young Valentin Moulias

The Wild Rover – short film – Spy / crime

“An IRA agent is arrested in Barcelona by the secret services.”
« John Arthur Hortigan, an IRA member is sent to Barcelona to resolve a conflict in a local pub. He is captured by the Spanish secret services and undergoes heavy questioning. We discover his journey and the reason why he joined.

Short film by Valentin Moulias
French / Spanish Production

Language : English
Subtitles available in English, Spanish & French


In the Name of Allah – short film – drama/ terror

“The last 10 minutes of a hostage’s life before his execution by terrorists”
Nathan is a war reporter. He wakes up confused, attached to a chair in a dark room. In front of him are two armed men, wearing face masks. They watch him without saying a word. Nathan notices a camera facing his direction, his greatest fear has now become real.

Drama / terrorist film
A French / Spanish production directed by Valentin Moulias

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