Hein? De? Low Battery

A series of short films directed by Paul Ghislain

Hein? – A man tries to make a special love declaration…
De? – A woman tries to convince her date to take a risk with her…
Low Battery – Two terrorists try to shoot their ransom video, but nothing happens as planned…

Comedy short films written and directed by Paul Ghislain

Language : French
Subtitles : English

The man (Hein?): Robin Hairabian
The woman (Hein?): Rebecca Gabison
The woman (De?): Louise Salle
The man (De?): Emilien Bottereau
Terrorrist #1 (LB): Jules Baron
Terrorrist #2 (LB): Edgar Reffay
The hostage (LB): Emilien Bottereau
Chang (LB): Robin Hairabian

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