Flaminia Graziadei -Catalogue

Catalogue of films directed by Flaminia Graziadei

Italian choreographer Flaminia Graziadei, started directing shorts in 2003 including “Un Amica in Piu” funded by the public admin institution of Rome. In 2012, Flaminia moved to London and directed 4 short films “Inside Out”, “BeeDeeDee”, “I Believe In Monsters”, and her 7th short film “Arrivederci Rosa” which was made with the support of Film London.
She has since directed her first feature film “The Final Haunting” and is currently developing her second feature film and short web series.

Catalogue Flaminia Graziadei – PDF of the catalogue of her films with technical details.

Watch films. VIP/waiver code available upon request.

Short films:

Inside Out – short film – drama / experimental
BDD – short film – drama
I Believe in Monsters – short film – drama
Arrivederci Rosa – short film – romance

1st feature film “The Final Haunting”- psychological drama. Full film available upon request.

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Poster Flaminia Graziadei

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