Erasure – short film – animation / art video

Synopsis : Repetitive actions and the textures of ink, bleach and other cleaning products are used to re-animate the labour of domestic work performed by many generations of women, yet invisible and forgotten.  ErasurePoster_Title

Title: Erasure
Genre : Animation / Art video
Director : Birgitta Hosea
Production : Studio Venus
Country : UK
Language : No dialogue
Subtitles : None
Runtime: 3 mins
Date : 2017


2017, AFC Global Fest, India
2017, Animfest, Athens
2017, EMPIRE II: The Age of Anxiety, Venice Biennale
2017, Holland Animated Film Festival, Utrecht
2017, Les Femmes Underground, San Diego, USA
2017, Libo International Children’s Animation and Comics Festival
2017, Locomocion / Experimental Animation Festival, Mexico
2017, Mzansi Women’s Film Festival, South Africa
2017, Strangelove Film Festival, Folkestone
2018, Femmetasia, Los Angeles, USA

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