Cow Theory

La Théorie des Vaches – short film – dark comedy


Synopsis : Patricia arrives in the countryside in search for some peace and quiet but things don’t go quite as planned.Patricia vient chercher un peu de calme à la campagne. De calme ?

Dark humour directed by Solal MOISAN & Daniel SICARD
Uns Des Six production – France

The Host : Jonas Lebrun
Patricia Fayet : Julia Roger
The 2nd guest : Clément Alibert

Directors : Solal MOISAN & Daniel SICARD
Screenwriters : Daniel Sicard, Solal Moisan, Nicolas Monnier & Oscar Chevillard
Director of Photography : Daniel Sicard
Camera : Fabien Poisson
Sound Recording & Audio Mix : Élise Aranguren
Producers : Pauline Gil & Clément Alibert
Editor : Oscar Chevillard
Original music composer : Daniel Sicard
Color grading : Fabien Poisson

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