Bingo! Lottery of Shadows

Bingo ! Lottery of Shadows – short film – comedy

Synopsis : A woman framed. A town in turmoil. Bingo Complaints Investigator Ruby Lewis must risk life, limb and delay to her holiday to unravel the most intriguing mystery of her career.

Short film – a wacky comedy – set in Clevedon – UK

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Starring : Amy Marchant, Wendy Jardine, Ed Law, Archie Freeman, Richard Foote, Dom Rott, Russell Bailey

Directed & produced by Russell Bailey
DOP – Gregory Marsh
Sound Recordist – Daniel Grey
Production Design – Max Dorey, Eloise Dunwell
Hair & Make-Up – Lara Candido-Porter
Editors & Sound Design – Gregory Marsh, Russell Bailey
Original Score – Richard Foote

Executive Producers – Russell Bailey, Steve Cooper, Sue Cooper
Associate Producers – Louise & Martin Collins, Roz Dunwell, Eloise Dunwell, Lindsay Henshaw, Joan Morrison, J & Catherine Bailey, Pauline & John Degn

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