All Hallows’een

All Hallowseen

Synopsis : On the night of October 31st, 1934, Count Igor invites some guests and regales them with stories of Central European folklore and vampires. Sonya is taken by jealousy when she finds out that her ex-lover Hugh is now with Lily a rich heiress.
A story inspired by Dennis Wheatley’s best-selling novels, Lydia Wheatley’s great-grandfather.

Rent the film for £1.99 or buy for £3.50

Television Broadcast: IFTV

Festival Awards :
Best Director – Festival Fenêtre Sur Courts (Avignon, France) 2010
Best Picture – Festival Fenêtre Sur Courts (Avignon, France) 2010

Festival nominations :
Portobello Film Festival (Londres) 2010
Festival Tours Métrages 2010

Screenings :
Shorts Film Corner du Festival de Cannes 2010
Cinéma l’Archipel (Paris) 2010
Cinéma Vox (Bourgogne) 2010
Café de Paris organisé par l’association ‘Collectif Prod’ 2010
Bar 241 organisé par l’association ‘Les Soirées Cool’ 2010
Cantada, organisé par l’association ‘Disturb association’ 2010


Director: Lydia Wheatley
Writer: Nicola Wheatley Marsh
Production: Racine de Trois

Kirsten Hazel Smith
Antony Hickling
Michael Katz
Anna Brooke
Karin Ingrid Nordlund
Jonathan Waite
Richard Hadley
and Dominic Wheatley

Cinematography: Christophe Serrare
Editor: Sébastien Cochin
Original Musique composed by Damien Deshayes
Production Designer: Jenny Oman
Costume Designer: Izari Lechhab
Production Manager: Thierry Breit
Line Producer: Charis Orchard

Assistant Directors: Marine Legoff & Sébastien Antoine
Script Girl: Olivia Yahiel
Sound Recordist: Stéphane Wasfy
Boom Operator: Olivier Borde
Focus Puller: Stéphanie Arbogast
Gaffer: Romain Fisson
Key Grip: Romain Bovinelli
Location Manager: Pascal von Hatten
Make Up Artist: Anais Daubias
Hair Dresser: Emilie Petitpas

Costume Maker: Habib Alaoui
Wardrobe: Johanna Lavorel & Ariane Trümper
Assistant Editor: Olivia Yahiel
Sound Editor: César Balleyguier
Sound Mixer: Lionel Genoun
Colorist: Floriant Paroz
Title designed by Philippe Fertay
Film poster made by Frédéric Coince
Translator: Alex Vonrospach

Cello: Hervé Chiapparin
Soprano: Darya Pevear

Jewellery supplied by Aurélie Antiquaire

Visa d’exploitation: 125.710

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