**Brand New Wimbledon Library Film Club**

We’re really excited to have found this great venue.

At the Wimbledon Library (also known as the Merton Arts Space) – we hope to screen short films made by local and international up and coming directors. We will also be on the look out for feature films which haven’t had a theatrical (i.e. cinema) release, and which are therefore known as ‘indie’ feature films. By screening indie feature films & short films, we aspire to give a space for creators/ film-makers to show their work to the audience.

Our first screening was on Weds 13th June and we screened short films distributed by Fabulosis Films.

This was a successful first screening and it was great to see the audience engaging with the directors and actors.

The film-makers were really happy to share with the audience their experience and it was even more thrilling to hear about Janusz Guttner’s experience as an actor (he has been in many popular Polish feature films) and he explained to us how he had met Roman Polanski when he was young!

What more could you wish for at a Q&A, it’s really the best way to meet people in the industry and hear their fascinating stories.

We don’t know yet when our next screening will be happening, but stay tuned by signing up to our newsletter at

January 2018 Catalogue

Among all the short films we receive for our VOD platform, we carefully select a few which we feel have the potential of interesting TV buyers.

This month we have selected films made by the talented film-makers Aleksandra Czenczek, Lud Mônaco, Solal Moisan and Daniel Sicard.

All the films have an interesting personal touch and reflect the characters of their makers.

These films are currently available for acquisition.

Poster Catalogue January 2018

First blog post

Ok here we go!

This is my first post. I hope you like the website ! I’ve just mastered powerpoint and created this website. All very exciting.

Feel free to follow us on our facebook page for updates of our new acquisitions. We update new short film to our channels about every week.

I will also be writing up blogs from time to time, essentially to keep you all updated on important things. Don’t know what important things yet, but surely something important will be happening. And ah yes! Below a little Happy New Year note to you all 🙂

2017 was a year of new adventurous beginnings for Fabulosis Films.

2018 is the year where we make all those small steps into giant marks.
Fabulosis Films wishes you all a Fabulosis New Year.